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Super Market Automation

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Salient Features of Intelligent Super Market Software
  • Tracks the customer and generate a Customer ID and ID card through card generator.
  • Keep track of all stocks. Inventory locator to locate specific Item in the shop.
  • Barcode reading for inventory maintenance.
  • Generate an alert on shortage of Inventory when it falls below minimum levels.
  • Generate an SMS to the administrator or outlet manager about the shortage levels of stock
  • Generate Custom reports on Inventory.
  • Generate Day to day stock statements.
  • Instant Billing through Barcode scanner.
  • Saving indicator on every bill of purchase. Comparison with MRP.
  • Instant Barcode Generation and Bar Code printing for Groceries’.
  • Automatic SMS on new products and discounts to all the customers.
  • Customized Greeting and festive offers SMS to all the customers on one click.
  • CRM software to analyze the customers and their products.
  • Day to day cash collection reports user wise.
  • Staff attendance through Biometric software – biometric scanners.
  • Pay roll generation based on the staff attendance – automatic.
  • Admin Module specially designed for employee administration – services – new products registration.
  • Monthly stock statements and customized stock statements.
  • Sales statements for sales tax department – VAT payments.
  • Product analysis through product sales analyzer to declare the fast selling Item – Lowest selling Item.
  • Customers track record through CRM Software.
  • Day to day sales reports through SMS to the Management.
  • Online and instant reports for Management.

No of Modules
  • Administrator
  • Billing Dept.
  • Management.
  • HRMS
  • CRM
  • Online Server.
  • Automatic SMS
  • Barcode Generator – Printing on customized labels.

Minimum requirements for deployment
  • Core 2 Duo – with 1 GB RAM – 360 GB HDD for every location.
  • I3 server with 4 GB RAM AND 1 TB HDD for online server.
  • Barcode scanner for every billing counter
  • Biometric thumb reader for every location
  • Printer for billing – thermal paper printing.
  • Printer for barcode printing and custom reports generation.

Software Requirement Specifications
  • Billing Dept.
  • SQL Server License for 5 clients
  • Operating System Windows Xp or 7
  • SMS pack from BSNL or any service provider according to the consumption of SMS
  • Internet min 512 KBPS.

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